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Get the best of both worlds: The expertise of a full-time CMO and CDO, without the commitment.

Some of the brands I’ve touched 

Some of the agencies I have worked with, in the last 17 years

What is a Fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO is a Chief Marketing Officer who only works for a company on a part-time or fractional basis, rather than being a full-time employee. This allows businesses like you to access top-level marketing expertise without the costs and constraints of a full-time employee.

Benefits of Choosing Me

Expert insights into the local market

Get valuable insights and a deep understanding of the local market from a local Fractional CMO in Nigeria. Let me help you identify your customers’ needs and provide solutions that will keep them coming back for more.

Affordable CMO service

You don’t have to break the bank to gain access to the expertise of a CMO. With me (a Fractional CMO), you can get the same insights and reporting you need, but at a much more affordable price.

Proven track record of success

From growing Agency revenue of META to launching a sales initiative that delivered mind-blowing revenue for Africa’s top ecommerce store, I strongly believe marketing (if done right) can increase a business’s revenue considerably.

As a bonus, you'll also benefit from my skills and experience as a Chief Digital Officer.

Tired of spending all your funding budget on Marketing? Hire me as your Fractional CMO and let's get to the root of the matter.

Hire a fractional CMO for affordable, expert marketing support

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He used his connections and technical resources effectively, helping us to save a lot of money on our marketing budget.

Steve Kamga
CEO/Founder Betastore

He used his connections and technical resources effectively, helping us to save a lot of money on our marketing budget.

Steve Kamga
CEO/Founder Betastore

Hire Me as your Fractional CMO if:

You’re a funded startup with limited budget but need access to top-level marketing expertise and guidance.

You’re in ecommerce, SaaS, real estate, professional services, online education, or another industry that serves a specific niche.

You want to expand your business to Nigeria, but lack the local expertise to fully understand your customers and their needs.

You can’t afford hiring a senior marketer who demands a huge salary and you want to remain agile.

You don’t know what kind of customers or marketing strategies make the biggest impact on your business.

You want customers that pay regularly and become raving fans of your business.

You need a modern day CMO who thinks advertising in a digital world vs digital marketing.

You need a seasoned professional who has experience across Marketing, Technology, Sales and Business Development

You need someone experienced to guide, mentor and coach your young marketing team.

You need someone experience to help manage your agencies and marketing suppliers in Nigeria.

You need to commission a nationwide campaign and need to commission some type of market research.

You need a simple GTM strategy.

Increase your brand’s reach and
become a household name in Nigeria.
Hire a Fractional CMO with the right experience!
12+ years Publicis
3 years Jumia
2+ years META

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